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Why Explore Weddings?

With Explore Weddings, you are certain to find the perfect affordable wedding location to exchange vows. Our services are completely complimentary and we arrange all the Travel & Accommodations for you and your guests. We act as your liaison between the Airlines, Resorts & Venues.

All you do is relax, have fun and enjoy your memorable event!


Having gone on countless familirization trips and having been in the industry for over 6 years, we know all the newest and best locations that will suit you and your wedding groups needs.


Since we do so much volume with our suppliers every year, they offer us discounts on services, upgraded seats and rooms,complimentary dinners and drinks and the list goes on which we pass on to you.


We dont charge anything to work with you. We get paid by our suppliers and thus all our services to you are complimentary.


Planning a destination wedding is basically planning a huge group vacation. That’s a lot of logistics, and it can be super-stressful for you to handle solo. We deal directly with all the airlines, hotels and your guests so you can focus on what matters most which is your big day.



Destinations will require passports, visas, bloodwork, and legals. We will handle all of this for you and your guests.


Working with us, you will never have be at the mercy of the bureaucracy and wait times of hotels and airlines. You won’t have to wait hours and days to get a question answered. We will be your first contact for any questions and emergencies that might arise by email during business hours and 24/7 on Instagram and WhatsApp, and yes that includes holidays and after hours as well.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”

― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

How it works!


Planning a destination is quite simple. Most of the process is done by us following your guidelines and personal needs. We’ve highlighted the process here broken down in 4 easy steps so you may better understand how the process works.

Great atmosfere! Fantastic Work!

You Decide the Place 

We start with a consultation on your favourite destinations, places you’ve been, places you’d like to see and narrow it down to a few resorts based on all your specifications.

You Decide Your Wedding

At this point we connect you to our wedding coordinator and begin to plan and customize your wedding to your preferences and tastes. Options abound in this industry and one can make their wedding as classic or as extravagant as they wish.

We Do the Rest

We handle all the travel, paperwork and guests for you so you can relax and focus on what’s important to you.

Stay in Touch

We will keep in touch with you through WhatsApp or Instagram after your arrival to make sure everything is going per your specifications. We have a lot of pull with the resorts and can bypass any bureaucratic red tape you may encounter.


Below, you’ll find the most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, please e-mail us at the following address: We will respond within 24 hours!

Thank you!

Why should we have a destination wedding?
A destination wedding is an intimate affair between you and your fiancee and your closest friends and family, that takes place in a beautiful exotic location at an all inclusive resort. The reason why some people prefer destination weddings is that they are more cost effective, as the guests usually plan, book and pay separately and more intimate, as the number of guests are much smaller than a big local wedding. This trip also lets the bride and groom celebrate their nuptials not over the course of a day but over the course of a week and some even extend their honeymoon in this location.
How many people typically attend a destination wedding?
The average number of people that attend a destination wedding are between 20-50 people. The minimum number of people required to receive a group rate is 10. There are many advantages to booking in a group rate from upgraded rooms, preferred rates, discounts on amenities and flexibility on dates, changes and payment to name a few. The maximum people per group is 50, however in almost all instances where the group party has been larger the resorts have allowed the number of passengers to run up very high. It should be noted that once a wedding size gets too large (think over 80) it is more cost feasible and convenient for the bride and groom to celebrate their nuptials in their hometown. Thus destination weddings are a more private and personal affair.
What preparation should we make in advance?
We handle most of your planning for you, from flights to accommodations, transfers and the wedding planning. The only preparations you will need is to make sure you and your guests have a valid passport. We will tell you what other documentation you will need to arrange well in advance of the departure. As a couple you will only have to worry about the wedding toasts, fittings, gifts, rings and the vows.
How far in advance should we plan?
Most people plan their destination wedding around 1 year in advance, although some do it earlier while some later. There really is no time limit but you have to keep in mind a few things. Booking early is best as it allows your guests ample time to decide, plan, budget for and book their vacation as well. It also allows you to get the best prices and allows you to make sure you get your desired date and all the rooms adjacent to each other.
With that being said we have had couples who wanted to get married under a short window and who had only a few close members who wanted to attend. In that case we’ve done bookings in as short as 4 weeks.
Who will help me with the wedding itself?
We will put you in touch with the wedding coordinator on site at the particular destination you have chosen to get married at. During this time we will correspond with you and help you pick the best amenities and preferences to make your wedding customized entirely as per your liking. This process usually starts 60 days from departure and gets more in more in depth as the wedding date approaches. Wedding coordinators delegate their time to their most urgent weddings (ie. happening today and tomorrow) and you will notice their reply time increase in frequency as you and your guests get closer to arriving. Once you are on the resort you will be able to meet with them and discuss face to face.
Can we have rooms that are close together?
We can request this but cannot guarantee it. The wedding coordinator on site may have some pull in the room assignments. Rooms are tricky because guests are vacating and arriving at different times. It requires timing for cleaning. Further, some people are staying “by the night” and are unpredictable. Not everyone is staying on one week or fixed durations so getting rooms close together is a logistical challenge, especially at a large resort. The resort typically does their best to accommodate guests.
Can my group leave from different cities?
Your group can leave from multiple gateways however in order to qualify for the group rate, the majority of the group will have to depart from the same city. That can be arranged in several ways:
1) We can book a separate flight for someone to get into the gateway everyone else is departing from.
2) If a tour operator has other gateways, flying from there will count towards your group.
Can I book extra space on the plane for my dress?
The airline typically has a section for wedding dresses on the plane. This is based on the rules of the airline but is usually complimentary.

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