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Learn everything you need to know to start trading today!

From beginner to advanced, our products are catered to anyone seeking to master the financial markets.
The principles applied in this trading course come from years of experience and trial, and error, that if taught will save the students years of time, and thousands of dollars. Above The Street offers many courses at the introductory, intermediate and advanced levels on stocks, options, taxation and platforms.

  • Side by side live trades with students accounts with a potential of making the tuition back
  • Success is based on trading capital
  • Students will be under a constant supervised environment
  • Take the trades your mentors take. they have an 80 to 90% success rate (broker statements can be provided)
  • Each student will be mentored based on his/her comfort level and specific interests (i.e. scalping… short term/long term trading… swing trading)
  • The mentoring will be customized to suit the students investment profile (i.e. tolerance to risk and goals, previous trading experience, wants and needs of preferred trading style)
  • Each student will get to choose to trade a variety of trading vehicles from aggressive American stocks, forex, futures, options to wealth preserving vehicles such as bonds and ETFS
  • For those students who find trading too risky as a full time job and are looking to be employed as a trader at a major bank or financial institution this program is invaluable as it
    will provide hands on experience on how a professional trader traders
  • In this program students will learn to trade for a living, trade to supplement their income, trade to generate long term wealth
  • All students who have completed their membership have the option of staying in contact with their mentors for up to 1 year of the end date of their program.
– Fundamental analysis
– Technical analysis
– Psychology. Understanding and being aware of your emotions as you trade. Controlling your fear and greed.
– Setting up your trade station and trading environment. Which platforms, which brokers to use, how to withdraw and deposit funds
– Setting up charts with proven and effective technical indicators
– Locating and assessing different trading vehicles and evaluating proper timelines for entries and exits
– Identifying and developing high probability setups, different trading vehicles (stocks, futures, forex, bonds, commodities, options and etfs) and their characteristics
– How to use leverage to maximize your earning potential on extremely high probability trades
– Learn and understand how news and earnings affect a trading vehicles movement. learn to manage external forces that affect your trading vehicles unexpectedly
– Learn money management techniques and how to preserve your capital and create a successful trading plan managing risk vs. reward.
– Understand the principles and personality characteristics required to trade for a living
  • The student will go through 3 stages: beginner, intermediate and advanced.
  • The beginner and intermediate portion will take place over 3 weeks each.
  • The advanced portion will take course over 2 weeks but the student will have the option of coming in an extra 6 hours a week during these 2 weeks early during 9am to 12pm market hours and take highly volatile high probability trades with their mentors.
  • Cost of the program is a one time fee of $5000/person plus tax.
  • The program will be catered to the students schedule and availability.
  • The student will get to choose 2 hours a day for a maximum of three times a week.
  • The program will run for a total of 60 hours. We also offer a crash course for 2000$ plus tax for a total of 20 hours.
  • Specialized in stock, future and options market
  • 9 years of trading experience
  • 3 years as a full-time day trader
  • Hons. Economics York University. CFA Level II Candidate. Canadian Securities Course Accredited.

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