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- For your Reference -

Seeking Alpha – a great source of researched information about any particular stock. It’s very helpful for fundamentally analyzing a company.

Investopedia – perfect for looking up keywords and learning the basics about different trading vehicles and terminology.

Tradingview – real time online platform for checking stocks, futures and currencies.

Gurufocus – great website for looking up financial ratios and metrics to give you a simplified look of the company you’re analyzing.

Morningstar – same website as gurufocus but a little more comprehensive and with more financial ratios.

Finviz – is very similar to Gurufocus or Mornignstar however it has some really nice features. Its got an amazing stock screener that can sort companies by different ratios, different technical patterns etc. Saving a lot of time and money.

MrTopStep – a great website for information from professional traders.

StockCharts – another great website on learning simple technical terminology and basics.

ChartAdvisor – a purely technical trading website, the author will take real time trades and teach you the basics of opening and maintaining a position in several stocks, complete with stops and take profit orders.

Forex Factory – keeps you updated on potential market moving news. Follow the US and follow the red and orange only.

Comparing best GIC rates – check out the best GICs in Canada.

Biggest companies in the SnP – gives a perspective on most liquid and commonly traded companies. This companies are chosen every year and are considered to have some of the best fundamental matrix in the market.