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What do you mainly trade?

Having a finance background I started out with stocks and options but quickly grew to enjoy the liquidity, the leverage and the simplicity of the futures market. I trade mainly the S&P 500 future index fund. This fund simply put is a mutual fund comprised of the best 500 companies in the United States which is used as a measure for the economy as a whole.

Are your strategies mainly based swing trading or day trading?

Although I am a day trader by nature I do swing trade often and have employ a variety of swing trading setups. I have found in my experience I can make more money going in and out quickly rather than holding a position overnight.

Will you manage my RRSP/trading account?

I cannot. I can help guide you into making your own decisions on how to best manage your RRSP and trading account but I am not a registered investment dealer and thus will never tell you when to buy or sell a particular security. Doing so is ultimately your decision. All I can do is guide you in the right direction. If you need help in this manner there are plenty of registered dealers I know personally that I can refer you to or you can easily find your own with a quick google search. But ultimately the point of the curiculum is to teach you how to do it for yourself.

Why not get registered?

Factoring in the huge costs and time and I see little benefit to it. It will require me to work full time in a corporate environment for four years, the very thing I’ve been trying to get away from.

How will the teaching work?

The teaching will be based upon the students availability. They usually call and we set up a date for a class. The class can take as long as the student finds is necessary to further their learningafter which they will receive homework and things to do at home. Upon the completetion of the homework the student will return for another class based on their availability.

Will it be hard to schedule a class?

No. All I do is trade and excersise my schedule is pretty light.

Do you teach forex?

I do not, I found I am more successful picking one thing and being good at it. Although there are plenty of people out there that are great at it and will be happy to teach their skills.